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Steve Kerr says Warriors ‘zeroing in on’ 7 or 8 prospects in NBA Draft

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The Warriors’ season might be over, or at the very least, on a long hold due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, but that’s provided the organization, especially head coach Steve Kerr, with an opportunity to get a head start on scouting for the NBA Draft and free agency.

Kerr joined Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks on KNBR 680 on Thursday and said the team recently doled out a new task for its coaching staff. Each member will be charged with scouting four players each.

“We just put our entire coaching staff on a project the last couple of days,” Kerr said. “There are about 60 free agents out there on our list for this summer. So we divided up all the free agents and we’re having all of our assistant work together on why free agent X would be a good or a bad fit for the Warriors. So every coach has four guys to watch and everyone’s got games on their computers. It gives us a chance to watch games and really focus in on one guy. It’s interesting, because you think you know players because you’ve seen them play for years, but until you really watch them and only watch then during a game, sometimes you miss a lot of stuff.”

Kerr said the team is also focused on “7 or 8” draft prospects. The time off has given him a rare opportunity to scout them properly.

“I’ve been doing that with the college guys,” Kerr said. “Bob and his staff gave me about 7 or 8 college guys that we’re zeroing in on for the draft. So I’ve been doing that for them and also for some of the free agents. It’s a fun way to look at a game tape.”

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