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Brady talks Montana comparisons, ‘smoking weed’ in interview with Howard Stern

© Greg M. Cooper | 2019 Feb 5

Well this is about as revealing of an interview as you’ll get from Touchdown Tom. In fact, Brady’s interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday could only be construed as revealing by grading on the steep curve of not saying anything interesting that Brady mastered during his time in New England.

Perhaps the most notable anecdote surrounded his time as a high schooler in San Mateo, where Brady admitted to *gasp* partying and smoking marijuana!?!? At least until he started taking football seriously.

“My dad was always available to me, so in a way when I did those things, I really felt guilty,” Brady said. “If I woke up the next morning with a hangover, I just felt guilty about it. I never was really indulging.

“I definitely had my fun in high school, with partying and drinking and smoking weed on occasion, but as it got later in my high school life, those became less and less and less.”

Later on in the interview, Stern pulled a classic move of putting Brady on the spot, and asking him straight up if he thinks he’s a greater quarterback than Joe Montana, the QB Brady grew up idolizing.

“I can’t say that,” Brady said. “I would never say that. That’s not how I think about myself. The only thing I care about is am I the best I can be? I’m the best I can be.”

Ah, there’s the old Tom we know and love.


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