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Mike Krukow to MLB players complaining publicly over negotiation: ‘Zip it’

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The economic section of the negotiations has begun, and the world knows the players are not happy. For Mike Krukow, that’s a problem.

The owners formally offered their first proposal to the union Tuesday, which entailed a sliding scale of cuts to the already-prorated contracts of the players. Players who make the minimum would absorb small cuts, while the more a player makes, the more he is affected; the Mike Trouts and Gerrit Coles of the world, whose 2020 salaries were in the mid-$30 millions, would not reach double-digit millions.

Union representatives leaked out they were “disappointed” with the first salvo in the battle for a season. Some players attached their names to the anger and pessimism.

“This season is not looking promising. Keeping the mind and body ready regardless,” Mets starter Marcus Stroman wrote. “Time to dive into some life-after-baseball projects. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Brighter times remain ahead!”

“Interesting strategy of making the best most marketable players potentially look like the bad guys,” wrote Brewers starter Brett Anderson.

For Krukow, the Giants broadcaster and a major leaguer from 1976-89, these instances of public dissatisfaction are not helpful toward the cause of getting MLB and MLBPA to agree to a pact.

“Having this conversation right now is why players should just zip it,” Krukow said on “Murph & Mac” on Wednesday. “You don’t need to have these types of negative opinions. They affect the negotiation at the table. They incense everybody who loves the game. They get ticked off about it.

“What are you hoping to gain here? Why is your opinion even important? What does it have to do with anything other than it’s pissing off a lot of people?

“Let the guys negotiate. If there’s anything that I’ve learned in all these work stoppages and strikes, it’s just keep your mouth shut. Fade to black. Get under the radar. Just let this process happen.”


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