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Stephen Jackson calls for justice for lifelong friend George Floyd in impassioned speech at Minneapolis City Hall

On Friday afternoon, Stephen Jackson, in front of a crowd and surrounded by other athletes and celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Karl-Anthony Towns, Josh Okogie, Gary Trent Jr., Royce White and rapper Mysonne, stood in Minneapolis City Hall to mourn the death of his lifelong friend George Floyd and to call for justice and prosecution of the four officers involved in Floyd’s murder, all of whom have been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department.

“I’m here because they’re not going to demean the character of George Floyd, my twin,” Jackson said. “A lot of times, when the police do things that they know that’s wrong, the first thing they try to do is cover it up and bring up your background to make it seem like the bullshit that they did was worthy. When was murder ever worthy? But if it’s a black man, it’s approved. You can’t tell me when that man had his knee on my brother’s neck, taking his life away, with his hand in his pocket, that that smirk on his face didn’t say, ‘I’m protected.'”

The officer who committed the murder, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter and is in custody.

Mike Freeman, the Hennepin County Attorney, said he expected that the other three officers involved would be charged.

Jackson grew up in Houston with George Floyd and said his first stop, every time he visited Houston, was to pick up Floyd.

In an interview with the Today Show, Jackson described Floyd as a selfless person.

“What’s killing me the most about this whole thing is being a professional athlete, so many people abuse your friendship and your kindness,” Jackson said. “And he was one of those guys that genuinely supported me. He didn’t call unless he really needed it. And you don’t have many people that genuinely support you without any motives and Floyd was that guy.”

Below are more clips of Jackson speaking at Minneapolis City Hall:


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