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Stephen A. Smith says NBA players will break quarantine because they’ll be sexually frustrated

Times are tough right now, which means we need Stephen A. Smith more than ever. The often hilarious and always outrageous ESPN commentator was on one Tuesday morning, when he argued on “First Take” that NBA players are going to break quarantine in Orlando because they won’t be able to abstain from having sex.

Though the quarantine could last as long as three months for teams that make the NBA Finals, wives and significant others will be allowed to enter the bubble a month into the proceedings. That’s still too long a wait according to Smith. Here’s a transcript of the entire rant:

“Here’s the reason you’ve got to be worried. I wanted to hold off on saying this y’all, but I can’t hold it anymore. Do we really think that the recreational activities, what these guys are accustomed to, are going to be compromised for three months? Somebody’s got to say it! Somebody’s got to say it! You really think people are going to be without their wives or their women? You really think they are honoring a bubble for three months? Somebody’s got to tell the truth!

“Forget three months, they are going to struggle with three weeks! Why you think they wanted Vegas? Can we stop? Can we stop? The issue right now is that you’re in Orlando for the first month you’ve got to be alone. Trust you me, when guys wanted to go to Vegas you could’ve rented out the Wynn or the Encore or something like that, you could’ve done that, and had some semblance of a bubble and cats would’ve been happy.

“The reason they are looking at Orlando like ‘damn’, you’ve got to go through gates, you’ve got to go through hoops just to do anything, that’s a problem for them! Somebody’s got to say it.

“I’m telling you they’re going to violate the bubble! I’m telling you right now you can book it! They’re going to practice social distancing with the general public, but I’m sorry, when it comes to your wife, or if you’re not married, you’re girl, it’s a struggle okay, I’m just telling y’all.”


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