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Washington NFL team doesn’t seem close on new name, has bizarre plan for 2020 uniforms

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In what comes as no surprise to anyone, the Washington NFL franchise does not seem to have a plan for a new name. Not a clue, not a hint of rational idea, other than, “well, we’re not going to use that name anymore.” At some point, there will be a new name, but that point in time seems more in the nebulous future than anywhere that could reasonably be defined as “soon.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the organization will call itself “Washington Football Team.”

The jerseys will effectively remove the racist former logo and go generic. If anyone’s ever played Football Manager, or created a team in a sports simulator, this is in a distinctly similar vein. They’re at least more appealing sans racist logo and name.

To be clear, this is the plan. For the 2020 season, the franchise will adopt the all-too-apt title of the Washington Football Team. A new name will come “at some point in the future.”

As people have called for years for the team to change its name from the former, racist term it has held since 1934, notoriously impudent owner Daniel Snyder never decided to consider a backup option, nor does he know how to push forward after being forced to change the name. It makes sense, given that Snyder once, infamously said in 2013 that the team would “NEVER” change the name. He was, of course, wrong, as seems to be a theme for him, and only changed the name after massive financial and public pressure from sponsors like FedEx, who has the naming rights to the team’s stadium.


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