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Mauricio Dubon not upset with glare from Daniel Murphy

© Ron Chenoy | 2020 Aug 6

It doesn’t sound like Mauricio Dubon took issue with the little bit of rookie hazing he experienced on Thursday. In fact, it sounds like he actually enjoyed it.

Dubon hit a towering, three-run shot in the seventh inning of Thursday’s game against the Rockies, giving San Francisco a 3-1 lead. It was the first home run of the season for a player who has been struggling mightily at the plate, so you can’t blame Dubon for admiring his work, before yelling into the celebrating Giants dugout.

Well, you might not blame him, but Daniel Murphy didn’t seem pleased. The pinch hitter slammed a two-run shot of his own in the bottom half of the inning, one that gave the lead back to Colorado, 4-3. As he rounded the bases, Murphy appeared to stare into center field at Dubon. A classic case of stink eye if there ever was one.

Dubon didn’t notice Murphy’s glare at the time, but was informed in the clubhouse after the game.

“I thought it was cool honestly, I thought it was pretty awesome,” Dubon said in an almost confusingly enthusiastic manner during his postgame Zoom session. “I enjoyed it. I enjoyed what everybody saw. What Daniel did, it is what it is. It’s something that has been going on around the league forever, so he’s probably trying to get me grounded. Like I said, I enjoy what he did, too.”

Dubon’s manager, Gabe Kapler, said he had no problem with Dubon’s strong reaction after his home run. He supports players expressing themselves emotionally, so long as it’s not directed at the other team.

“I think that baseball needs and will benefit from players who express themselves,” Kapler said via Zoom. “It needs and benefits from players who are emotional, like Mauricio is. I think there’s room in the game for guys who are quiet assassins, who put their heads down and run around the bases like Matt Williams did, and I think there’s room for players who get really excited as long as that emotion and excitement is directed to our dugout and not theirs, I’m in support of our players expressing themselves.

“I appreciate Mauricio for the energy and the passion he brings to the field every day.”


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