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The MLB Draft order has officially been set

Amid rumors that the 2021 MLB Draft order would be set by combining the records of team’s 2019 and 2020 campaigns, a report in The Athletic has verified that will indeed not be the case. Instead, the order will be set as it has in previous years, in reverse order of winning percentage.

That means the 19-41 Pirates will draft first on July 11, 2021 during what is supposed to be the All-Star break. The Rangers (2), Tigers (3), Red Sox (4) and Orioles (5) round out the top five. The Giants will select at No. 14.

Though this year’s coronavirus influenced draft was relegated to just five rounds, the 2021 draft is expected to be between 20 and 30.

Here’s the complete draft order:

1. Pirates
2. Rangers
3. Tigers
4. Red Sox
5. Orioles
6. Diamondbacks
7. Royals
8. Rockies
9. Angels
10. Mets
11. Nationals
12. Mariners
13. Phillies
14. Giants
15. Brewers
16. Marlins
17. Reds
18. Cardinals
19. Blue Jays
20. Yankees
21. Cubs
22. White Sox
23. Indians
24. Braves
25. Athletics
26. Twins
27. Padres
28. Rays
29. Dodgers


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