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Marreese Speights rips idea that LeBron is better than Jordan

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James. For former Warriors forward Marresse Speights, the question of who is the greatest of all time isn’t a question at all.

Speights went on a Twitter rant Monday night, arguing that Jordan is no longer getting the respect he should due to when he played and the smaller platform he had in the 80s and 90s, vs. LeBron’s today.

Then Speights took things a bit farther, sharing a now-deleted meme that said the following with a picture of Jordan and Kobe Bryant: “Back then, we used to celebrate threepeats

“Now kids are out there celebrating four titles in ten tries and call it greatness”

Speights walked his take back a bit after the fact, saying there was no hate or slander meant on his part.

Speights became a fan favorite with the Warriors from 2013-2016, facing off against LeBron’s Cavs twice in the NBA Finals during that period.


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