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Mike Krukow ‘major concerned’ as Tim Flannery is back in hospital



Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Flannery is back to fighting for his life.

The former Giants coach and owner of three World Series rings checked back into the hospital last week, as the San Diego Union Tribune reported. He has fought a staph infection for more than a month, being rushed to care Oct. 18 and staying weeks in intensive care, undergoing what he said were “seven or more” surgeries.

He announced Nov. 6 that he had been discharged from the Southern California hospital and was recovering at home. The battle has switched fronts again.

According to Mike Krukow, speaking on KNBR on Monday, the 63-year-old had a “flare-up” and returned to the hospital.

“We are major concerned right now with him going back in. We’re all fearful,” Krukow said about Flannery, whom he talked with recently. “Please put the Flan man in your prayers, everybody.”

In a Facebook post two weeks ago, Flannery said he has “hallucinated, wept, fought off doubt, and surrendered to God, and hung on.” Flannery told the Tribune that when he was admitted, he was told he could die in a week.

He beat that worst-case prediction, and his body had responded to antibiotics. Krukow said Flannery is “one of those guys [that] you’re never ever going to know how he feels,” who believes he can shake everything off. The belief will be important.

“He’s really, really appreciating the concern that everyone’s giving him,” Krukow said. “What he told me is, ‘Hey, I hope you have one of those extra walking sticks for me.’”