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LeBron says he knows ‘for sure’ that he won to two hardest championships in NBA history



© Kim Klement | 2020 Oct 11

LeBron James hasn’t won the most titles in NBA history, but he claims they’ve been the hardest.

During the latest episode of the Road Trippin Podcast with former teammates Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson, James said that he’s been on two teams that have won the most difficult NBA titles in league history: The 2016 Cavaliers and 2020 Lakers.

“The one thing that I know for sure, that I’ve been a part of two teams that won the two hardest championships in NBA league history,” James said. “The 2016 Cavs coming down from 3-1 vs. a 73-9 team, one of the best teams ever assembled, (against a) two-time MVP. And then what we went through in the bubble.

“If you were not in the bubble, you don’t quite understand it. You will never, ever understand how hard it was to win that championship, to motivate yourself. This is literally out of your whole comfort zone. I didn’t see my family for eight and a half weeks, I didn’t see my kids until I got out of the bubble, 96 days.”

Though the difficulty of playing and winning in the bubble is hard to argue, the case of the 2016 title is a more interesting conversation. Certainly, the 2016 Warriors were one of the greatest teams of all time, and beating them was both a stunning upset and incredible accomplishment. But do you get extra credit for going down 3-1 and overcoming adversity that is self-inflicted?

According to LeBron you do, and it certainly seems like he’s hoping that when all is said and done, the difficulty of those Finals wins pushes him to the top of the greatest player of all time conversation.