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Adam Schefter responds to Zach Wilson’s reported character concerns, predicts when he’ll be drafted



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There’s a whole lot of buzz about that bright-eyed kid from BYU. Zach Wilson’s draft stock has exploded this year, with his outstanding arm strength and physical dynamism. He has shown the ability to run when needed or when designed, while also pushing the ball downfield.

On Wednesday, there was a report from Walter Football, quoting NFL scouts that Wilson had some character concerns. Per the report, a director of college scouting from a NFC team said Wilson was… “Johnny Manziel comp without the [drugs]. [Wilson] is fun to watch, but is he a 1-year flash in the pan? He’s a backyard baller who is fun to watch.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was stunned by this. He joined the Murph and Mac Show on Thursday with Adam Copeland and Marcus Thompson, and was taken aback by Copeland telling him about the report.

Schefter said he had gotten off the phone with a source telling him about Wilson moments before joining the show, and said he’s only heard rave reviews. His belief? Wilson, not Justin Fields, is the second quarterback picked in the NFL Draft, meaning he may well be outside of the 49ers’ range, and likely to the New York Jets, at No. 2.

“Wow. I mean, first of all, everything you said there just floored me and it floored me because number one, I think he’s gonna be the second quarterback picked, not the third,” Schefter said. “I think he’ll go second. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the guy, and that he got quote unquote “special intangibles.” I hung up the phone, literally before I came on the show, with somebody who was telling me all about him, and it couldn’t have been any further from what you said. I can’t even believe we’re talking about the same guy.”

He said he would have to continue calling around the league because the “portrait” that was painted for him was nothing like the one from the Walter Football report.

“I’ve heard Zach Wilson is an incredible kid, but again, a little bit new on the scene,” Schefter said. “Have to vet it out, check him out, make more calls, but I know people that know him pretty well, and they speak pretty highly about him.”