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Former Warriors player stages one-man pro-Trump protest in D.C. during inauguration

(Kirk McKoy/ Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

While the nation’s capital braced for a large scale, and potentially violent, ring-wing protests during President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, they instead got something much stranger.

The only protest of note that took place consisted of one man, former NBA player David Wood, a few blocks from the White House. Wood, a journeyman forward who played for nine NBA teams from 1988-97, including a brief stint with the Warriors in 94-95, told Yahoo News that Trump would actually not be leaving office.

“Review his speech last night,” Wood said of Trump. “He said he’s going to do a peaceful transfer to the next administration, which is going to be his next administration.”

“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, Donald Trump is going to serve four more years,” he said. “Joe Biden could be inaugurated. He could be arrested right after he’s inaugurated, but it’s safe to say he’s going to resign soon.”

Wood’s protest consisted of walking around with a Jewish shofar horn — he told Yahoo he “worships God with his horn” — while being draped in a Revolutionary War flag that was used by Capitol rioters. He wore a sweater of Jesus Christ embracing the American flag.

Along with many Donald Trump supporters, Wood believes Biden’s presidential victory was fraudulent, despite evidence to the contrary. Speaking of evidence to the contrary, Wood also says that the Capitol riot, which he attended, was actually peaceful.

“I couldn’t believe the spin on that. The Trump rally was amazingly peaceful,” Wood said, later adding, “That’s not inciting a riot. It’s so ridiculous. The spin in the media is really, really bad.”

Wood denied being a follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory, a theory believed by many of those who stormed the Capitol last week, but did admit the movement has some appeal.

“Q has predicted some things. I don’t follow Q, I don’t even know where you seek Q.”

According to Yahoo, minutes after speaking with Wood, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president as Donald Trump arrived at his private club in Florida.


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