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Murph: The Farhan Zaidi Giants, now entering Year 3, are letting us know the deal



© Darren Yamashita | 2020 Aug 1

On the same day George Springer signed with the Toronto Blue Jays, new Giants pitcher Alex Wood told reporters about his movement profile, his horizontal and ‘vert’ break, and his perceived movement — “metrically speaking”, of course.

Let’s all sing! “Talkin’ baseball . . . Willie, Mickey and the movement profile!” 

Meanwhile, Springer is just looking to hit dingers for the Jays.

Yes, yes, I know, it’s all much more complex. Hey, can a Lightly-Read Jock Blog get off a half-baked riff, just to break the tension, as my guy Paulie Mac might say?

My point being, the Farhan Zaidi Giants, now entering Year 3, are letting us know the deal.

Long-term deals for high-priced sluggers who may be a burden in their later years? Not a priority.

One-year deals for under-the-radar arms who completely buy into the MIT-level statistical analysis this coaching staff sells? Priority.

Traditionally, the home-run hitting outfielder is a higher priority to the fan base than the one-and-done guy coming off a couple of injury-laden years. But, traditions change.

In other words, these ain’t the Bobby Evans Giants, trading for the burden of an Evan Longoria contract. Or the Brian Sabean Giants, as I was just saying to my good friend Aaron Rowand.

There is a theory out there that after the 2021 season, when the Giants will be done or can actively get out of the high-priced, long-term deals given to Brandon Belt, Johnny Cueto, Brandon Crawford and — yes — Buster Posey, then we will see what a Farhan Zaidi-built roster looks like with money.

We don’t know that this theory will prove true. Don’t forget, when asked for an overarching philosophy at his inaugural press conference, Farhan said there is “no move too small.”

The man has put the weight behind those words.

So far, the Giants’ off-season has included the one-year deal for Wood, the one-year deal for catcher Curt Casali, the one-year deal for reliever John Brebbia, the one-year deal for pitcher Anthony DeSclafani, the one-year deal for Chadwick Tromp, the one-year deal for pitcher Matt Wisler, and the qualifying offer to Kevin Gausman.

It’s not the Dollar Store. It’s the One-Year Store.

The home dugout at Oracle Park should be listed on VRBO as a rental space.

Plain truth is, it’s hard for fans to get emotionally attached to a slew of one-year deals. I would also acknowledge the plain truth is, Farhan is pretty much telling us that his long-term vision of the Giants lies ahead, and most likely with names like Joey Bart (maybe), Patrick Bailey, Marco Luciano, Heliot Ramos, Will Wilson, Sean Hjelle and Seth Corry — all highly-regarded prospects who could be the nucleus of the next decade.

So, in a hard-hitting sports take: It is what it is, sports fans. Farhan is telling us what it is. It’s not a landscape where he thinks going all in on George Springer is what this team needs. Year Three will look a lot like Year Two, a mix-and-match roster that, in all likelihood, might be a decent team. Not Dodger- and Padre-decent, but decent.

Now, if he signs Trevor Bauer at some point in the coming weeks, look for a new Jock Blog.

In the meantime, Farhan and Wood can talk movement profiles and one-year deals. I’ll look for the peanuts and Cracker Jack.