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NFL announces how rules will be different for vaccinated and unvaccinated players

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As we head towards training camp and most NFL teams wind down their offseason programs, a nebulous problem has emerged. While teams are having little to no issue getting their front office, coaching and other staffers vaccinated, they are running into issues in getting players vaccinated.

The 49ers, according to Kyle Shanahan, had 52 vaccinated players, and will need to get to 77 by training camp in order to proceed with relaxed protocols. All of their Tier 1 and 2 individuals have been fully vaccinated, and Shanahan said he hoped the team would cross the threshold by training camp.

Other teams, like Washington, are having an even tougher time. They brought in doctors to answer players questions, with players still remaining skeptical.

You’ve got various players across the league, like Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Montez Sweat, who are doing some version of their own research. Some football players feel they are more qualified to assess the efficacy of vaccines than scientists, doctors and epidemiologists. For those players, it appears there will be consequences.

On Wednesday, the NFL announced how training camp and preseason protocols will differ for vaccinated and unvaccinated players. Here are the changes, per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

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There are myriad differences in restrictions for vaccinated and unvaccinated players and personnel. Amongst the many differences include:

  • Non-vaccinated players can be fined up to $50,000 for first-time protocol violations, which include going to nightclubs, bars, house parties, concerts and other large gatherings.
  • Vaccinated players do not have to be tested. Unvaccinated players must be tested daily.
  • Vaccinated players do not need to distance in team facilities, while unvaccinated players do.
  • Quarantine is required for unvaccinated players who were exposed to high-risk COVID situations, while vaccinated players do not.

This can also hit players’ wallet; they are not permitted to social/media/marketing/sponsorship activities. The message is crystal clear; get vaccinated to make your, and everyone else’s lives safer and exponentially more convenient.

In additional, but related news, the NFL announced a boon for fans. Fans will be allowed back at training camp, though they will not be permitted to interact with players.


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