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Tom Brady on team that didn’t sign him in free agency: ‘You’re sticking with that motherf–ker?’

© Jasen Vinlove | 2021 Apr 24

One great thing about professional athletes getting older is they start caring less about what they say publicly.

That’s certainly been the case for Tom Brady over the last few years, especially after leaving New England and its culture of military-level discretion.

Brady seems like he’ll really be cutting loose in an upcoming episode of HBO’s “The Shop,” LeBron James’ television show that features athletes, musicians and other public figures hanging out in a barber shop and having entertaining, free-flowing conversations.

The full episode doesn’t come out until June 25, but in the teaser trailer released by HBO, Brady says something about last year’s free agency that will turn a few heads, including those of 49ers’ fans.

“One of the teams, and they weren’t interested at the very end,” Brady began. “I was thinking: You’re sticking with that motherfucker?”

It’s well documented that the 49ers were one of the teams who kicked the tires on Brady last offseason, in large part because San Francisco was reportedly Brady’s top destination. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have admitted they considered Brady, before ultimately choosing to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo, fresh off a Super Bowl appearance.

Garoppolo and Brady were said to have a good relationship during their time in New England, although it’s also been reported that Brady wanted Garoppolo out as he was being groomed as his successor, a move that was eventually made to San Francisco’s benifit.

Whether Brady would actually speak about Garoppolo in these less-than-glowing terms is up for debate, but it certainly is interesting…


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