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Stephen A. Smith dumbfounded by Max Kellerman’s deranged Trae Young-Stephen Curry take

Folks, when you get paid to say controversial stuff and empty the clip every day while firing from the hip, well, you’re going to say a lot of truly insane things. Max Kellerman, whose job encourages him to say any and all variety of nonsense while talking as loudly as possible, came out with another gem on Thursday.

His take went something like: Trae Young has a higher ceiling than Stephen Curry because Young produces in the playoffs and Curry doesn’t. Again, the man gets paid to say dumb things, and from that lens, he’s doing his job tremendously well.

“In the playoffs, which is the only thing I care about, [Young] is fearless under pressure,” Kellerman said. “Steph is careless under pressure. Steph shimmies in the regular season, Trae shimmies in the playoffs. Our job is to tell it like it is. Steph – this year – got sent packing playing in a play-in game because in overtime [he had] zero points in the last 3:30. Trae is Steph Curry, but in the playoffs, he elevates when it counts.”

Stephen A. Smith, whose job demands him to also say outrageous things loudly and be exasperated by his more deranged co-host, responded in typical “what on earth are you talking about” fashion.

“You do have this knack for just annoying the living hell out of me,” Smith said. “To the point where I’m really gonna have a conversation with the bosses about I think I need to be paid more for having to talk basketball with you. You act like Steph chokes in the postseason for crying out loud, which is completely false, untrue and just an uneducated basketball synopsis.”

Next up, is Stephen Curry actually the worst player in NBA history? Tune in next time to “two guys yelling at each other about takes they don’t actually believe.”


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