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What would Giants be willing to give up in hypothetical trade for Bryant? Susan Slusser discusses

© Kamil Krzaczynski | 2021 Jul 10

The MLB trade deadline is just over a week away (July 30) and the Giants are now clinging to first place in the NL West (one game) as a four-game series with the second-place Dodgers approaches.

This scenario presents the Giants with some options. They could stand pat and continue into the second half with the team that dominated the first half, albeit without the likes of Evan Longoria for another month. Conversely, they could double down and make an aggressive move for another contributor now, possibly at the expense of one or more prospects.

That second strategy seems like a bit of a long shot to San Francisco Chronicle Giants beat writer Susan Slusser, who seems to believe the Giants are more likely to do something minor than major at the deadline. However, with all the buzz that Cubs utility player Kris Bryant is on the market, San Francisco could make a push for a player that would fit in perfectly.

“It seems a stretch to me, but if you’re going to swing, swing big,” Slusser said on KNBR Monday. “I think he would be the ideal piece to pick up if they can. Now he is going to cost a pretty penny when it comes to prospects. And the Cubs traditionally don’t part with guys like that for less than their market value.”

So, what do you give up? According to Slusser, not either of your top two prospects.

“Do you want to give up a Heliot Ramos? Do you want to give up a Marco Luciano? I can’t see that happening at all. But Joey Bart is somebody that they brought up briefly, maybe a little showcasey, gets a couple hits. Everyone always needs catching, always. So maybe do you part with a Joey Bart and a Sean Hjelle or something like that? I don’t know if that would work. Pick up all of the money, maybe take on a little bit of contract from elsewhere on the team if you have to. The Giants certainly could do that.

“I think they could get creative. We’re talking about front offices that like to get creative anyway, you could make this some sort of a three-way deal, and wind up picking him off in something where you get multiple teams involved.”


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