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Dodgers fans lost their minds during last night’s game vs. Astros



The powder keg finally went off on Wednesday.

For the first time since it was discovered that the Houston Astros were involved in a sign stealing scandal during 2017, they faced the Dodgers, in front of fans, at Dodger Stadium. You’ll remember that in 2017, the Astros won the World Series in seven games. Their opponent? The Dodgers.

It was no surprise then that Dodgers fans were absolutely letting the Astros have it on Wednesday night, booing them at every chance they got. It went beyond that though. The game had to be stopped multiple times to do inflatable trash cans (you’ll remember that the Astros banged on trash cans to tip pitches during 2017) making it onto the field.

That would’ve been harmless enough, but things began to escalate. There were fights in the stands, including the one below which includes Dodgers fans and Dodger Stadium security throwing haymakers.

Even more nefarious perhaps was the throwing of bottles and cups of beer in the direction of Astros fans, some of which appeared to be minding their own business before being pelted.

Guess the Dodgers are still mad. Oh well, at they can hang their hat on sort of winning a championship last season.