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Kris Bryant reveals Scott Boras’ reaction to ‘run the show’ claim

© Darren Yamashita | 2021 Aug 21

Kris Bryant has been nothing short of excellent for the Giants since San Francisco traded for him at the deadline. 

The former National League Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year hit his 24th homer of the season — fifth with the Giants — in last night’s 3-2 win over the Mets. He’s hit .273 and recorded an .858 OPS in 20 games for San Francisco.  

The Giants traded for Bryant as a rental, since he enters free agency after the end of the season. But his play has led fans in the Bay to clamor for Bryant to sign a long-term deal. 

And Bryant has said nothing to dispel those wishes. 

“I run the show,” Bryant said Aug. 17 in a question about agent Scott Boras’ impact on his impending free agency.

Boras is known in baseball for getting his clients the most lucrative contracts, often avoiding signing contract extensions to instead hit the open market. But Thursday, Bryant joined KNBR’s “Murph and Mac Show” and added that not only does he run the show, Boras knows it, too. 

“This is something, this goes back to when I was a rookie, that was always his message to me, too,” Bryant said. “That I make all the decisions in my career, he’s just there to give me advice. I feel like some of the perception he gets as an agent, like I read some of these things and it’s so stupid. Because he’s the furthest one from the guy influencing or making any player’s decisions.” 

Bryant continued: “He wants to get the best out of you as a player, but I run the show. He said ‘you run the show and you are the show.'” 

The third baseman and outfielder has enjoyed his time in the Bay so far. He’s been impressed with SF’s hitting coaches and their game plan preparations, and has gotten along well with his teammates in the clubhouse. 

He also hears the noise. His response when asked to stay awhile? 

“You know, I guess I’ll answer by saying it’s a great feeling to be wanted,” Bryant said. “Really good feeling.”

Listen to the full interview below: 


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