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Stephen Curry on Buster Posey: ‘So cool to see somebody go out on their own terms’



Stephen Curry and Buster Posey have a lot in common.

The Bay Area legends have both led their teams to three championships, both won league MVPs and both done sone while spending their entire careers with one organization.

Curry, who has said that he would like to retire as a Warrior, reflected how cool it was to watch Posey go out.

“He’s obviously pure class,” Curry said after the Warriors blowout win over the Pelicans on Friday. “Just the way he represented the entire Giants organization, himself, his family. It’s so cool to see somebody go out on their own terms with hopefully no regrets, and a wild resume under his belt.

“Not just the accolades and the championships, but there’s always like a feeling of somebody who represented on organization for his entire career, and did it with class the entire time. I’m sure anybody who played with him, ran into him, had a conversation with him, they all can speak to that. Myself included.”

One can’t help but think of a future where Curry ends his career in similar fashion. It’s clear the thought crossed Curry’s mind while watching Posey on Thursday.

“It’s pretty awesome to stand on the podium when your career is over and ride off into the sunset on your own terms. That’s dope.

“I hope to be in that situation; not too soon.”