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Matthew Stafford walks away after photographer takes scary fall off stage at parade



Matthew Stafford might be the current owner of the Lombardi Trophy, but he’s not going to win an award for compassion anytime soon.

A video from Wednesday’s Super Bowl parade in Los Angeles showed the quarterback walking away after a photographer accidentally fell off the parade stage while taking a picture of Stafford and his wife Kelly.

When the photographer, Kelly Smiley, falls, it appears that the QB says “oh my god” before turning around and walking away, while his wife looks on in concerned shock, before appearing to walk away for help.

Smiley, who is a photographer for Crypto.com Arena, announced on Twitter that she broke her spine in the fall.

“Feeling ok. Staying the night in the trauma center. Thank you everyone for reaching out,” she wrote in her Instagram story.

Here’s a screenshot to give an idea how far she fell.

A longer video appears to show that Kelly Stafford had given her phone to Smiley and asked the photographer to take a picture of the couple.

Smiley’s friend has started a GoFundMe for her medical expenses.