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Draymond Green thinks Harrison Barnes is still upset with him over Kevin Durant recruitment



© Kyle Terada | 2019 Feb 21

Considering both joined the Warriors as rookies in the 2012 draft, and won a title with Golden State in 2015, you might think Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes are tight. Apparently, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Green revealed on the latest episode of his podcast that he believes Barnes is still upset and hasn’t forgiven him for Draymond’s recruitment of Kevin Durant after Golden State lost the 2016 NBA Finals.

“Harrison Barnes, I think to this day don’t like me for KD coming here,” Green said on the “The Draymond Green Show.” “And the reality is, I didn’t tell [Warriors GM Bob Myers] to trade you to bring KD in…He took it very personally because of that story that came out that I cried to KD in the car.”

After blowing a 3-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers — a series in which Barnes shot 35 percent from the floor — Green was reported to have called Kevin Durant directly after the game and beg him to join the Warriors that offseason. Apparently, Barnes took that report to mean that Green tried to, and ultimately succeeded in replacing Barnes with Durant.

Green says that all he did was tell general manager Bob Myers that Durant would make the Warriors better, and everything that happened after that was out of his hands.

“He took it very personally at me,” Green continued. “This dude invite Steph, Klay, everybody to his wedding except me…I didn’t take it personally ’cause it is what it is…It sucks that you got traded but you went and made your money.”

Check out the comments in the clip below at around the 43:30 mark.