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Westbrook has lengthy back and forth with reporter who says this Lakers season is not what Russ envisioned

Much to the delight of Golden State Warriors fans, things continue to go very poorly for the Los Angeles Lakers and Russell Westbrook.

The Lakers lost to the Clippers for the seventh time in a row on Thursday, getting blown out 132-111. They are now the 9th seed in the West at 27-35 and have lost eight of their last 10.

Westbrook specifically has been a human lowlight reel all season, with too many baffling plays to count. Here was last night’s contribution:

After the game, Westbrook was asked by a reporter how he’s dealing with the fact that this season is not what he envisioned when he joined the Lakers. Westbrook took issue with the question. Here’s the back-and-forth:

Russ: “What did I envision?”

Reporter: “I would imagine some wins.”

Russ: “You say ‘based on what I envision,’ I want to know what you think I envisioned?”

Reporter: “You envisioned coming here and winning a championship?”

Russ: “Is the season over?”

Reporter: “No, sir.”

Russ: “So what did you envision? Since you spoke for me, I want to know what you think I envisioned?”

Reporter: “In every press conference you’ve had this year, you’ve talked about what this could look like. Obviously you envisioned a successful season. To your point, sure, it could still happen, where you guys are trending right now it hasn’t.”

Russ: “You still haven’t answered my question. You said I envisioned this to be a certain way.”

Reporter: “Did you envision it to look like this?”

Russ: “I had no expectations. That’s why you don’t know what I envisioned, I had no expectations. I come to every situation the same. Last four years I’ve been on different teams four times. So my envision (sic) of every thing being peaches and creme, that’s not realistic, that’s not life.

“I come into every situation starting from ground zero and trying to figure it out along the way. I have no expectations of how things will work, how many times I’ll have the ball, what position I’m going to play. I just try to find ways to best help my teammates, that’s about it.”

So there you have it. Russell Westbrook apparently never actually thought this could work.

If things continue, it’s a near certainty that the Lakers will try to move Westbrook and the $47 million he’s owed next season, this summer. That would put Westbrook on his fifth team in as many years.


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