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Dianna Russini explains why Colts weren’t interested in trading for Garoppolo



© Robert Scheer/IndySt | 2021 Oct 24

Monday seems like a tipping point in the Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes. Or whatever the opposite of a sweepstakes is.

Potential suitors are falling by the wayside. The Indianapolis Colts, thought to be a favorite to land Jimmy G, ultimately traded for Matt Ryan in exchange for a third-round pick.

What’s more, it turns out the Colts weren’t even all that interested in Garoppolo. Why? They felt the injury to his throwing shoulder would cause him to miss valuable time in the lead up to the season according to ESPN’s Dianna Russini.

Would the Colts have been out on Jimmy for that reason if they really liked him? Probably not. More likely, they expect that Garoppolo will miss more time than just training camp if they were to trade for him, considering the QB has only been able to get through one season without injury.

Though he is likely to be unavailable for some portion of the offseason, Garoppolo is not expected to miss any of the regular season as he recovers from surgery.

So the Colts are out. So are the Saints, who re-signed Jameis Winston to a two-year, $28 million deal.

The options for the 49ers are dwindling, and they might just be all gone.