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Draymond has extended verbal exchange with Crowder at end of Warriors-Suns

Draymond Green is back and in prime form. After a close, 107-103 loss to the Phoenix Suns in which Green shined, tallying 8 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 blocks and a pair of steals, he acknowledged his body is starting to feel better.

Steve Kerr said as much and it showed in Green’s performance after he had been self-critical in recent days. That confidence was apparent in the way Green agitated on Wednesday night, particularly with Jae Crowder.

He and Crowder were going back and forth all night, at one point getting double technicals. At the end of the game, the two had an extended chat.

Not all of it is intelligible, but it seems to start with Green prodding Crowder about missing shots earlier in the game.

“You were missing. You were missing. I watched. I watched. I watched,” Green appears to say. “You choked twice. You choked twice now.”

After the buzzer sounds, Green follows Crowder to midcourt where both appear to be smiling until Crowder takes issue with something Green said.

Green continues jawing and insinuates Crowder is a fake tough guy.

“What’s the issue about? There’s nothing to talk about,” Green seems to say. “If you want to go there we can go there. I’m already telling you that. If you want to go there we can go there but you not like that… You from Buckhead. You from Buckhead. You from a nice neighborhood. You not like that.”

Then Green walks away.

Buckhead is a residential area of Atlanta, Georgia. Crowder — the son of former NBA player Corey Crowder — grew up in Villa Rica, and attended Villa Rica high school, a more residential area about 30 miles outside of Atlanta.

Regardless of the logistical details of Crowder’s childhood, Green’s message was that he clearly didn’t take any threat from Crowder seriously.


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