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Benches clear in Double-A Richmond after pitcher throws behind batter



Things got spicy in Richmond on Saturday night. In an 8-4 win for the Giants’ Double-A affiliates, benches cleared in the eighth inning after some extracurricular activities and a wild, dangerous pitch.

As shown above, Flying Squirrels outfielder Jacob Heyward stepped up to the plate and immediately had a tense exchange with the Altoona Curve catcher.

Moments later, Curve pitcher Yeudy Garcia threw a fastball dangerously high and behind Heyward. Garcia is immediately ejected and the benches clear with punches, shoves and all the other good (bad) stuff that comes when the benches clear.

Per Richmond board operator Jordan Bondurant, both teams had been given formal warnings by the umpire crew previously.

According to Anthony Murphy, a Pirates writer, the Curve were upset after outfielder Connor Scott was hit earlier in the game.

The broadcast also says that the Curve threw at Richmond infielder Tyler Fitzgerald earlier in the game, hence the high tension and preamble when Hayward stepped to the plate.

Here’s another look at the benches clearing.

If you’re into intrigue and the spice on display on Saturday night, you may want to tune in on Sunday. Richmond will finish the six-game homestand against Altoona with a chance to win the series 4-2.