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Ian Rapoport provides update on status of potential Deebo Samuel trade

© Tim Heitman | 2022 Jan 16

The clock is ticking. We are nearly 24 hours until the NFL Draft, and Deebo Samuel remains a member of the 49ers.

If that will still be the case after Thursday is anybody’s guess, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Network told Murph & Mac on Wednesday that at this point there hasn’t been much movement from the 49ers’ side in trade talks.

“As of this very second, I don’t get the sense that anything is imminent,” Rapoport said on KNBR. “I don’t get the sense that anybody’s finger is on the button. The problem with these trade talks, the problem with reporting about these trade talks is it literally takes one person picking up the phone and going ‘yes, we’ll definitely do it.’

“As of this very second I don’t get the sense we are there yet or will ever be. This is a complicated one because let’s just say the 49ers decided to trade him which I don’t get the sense that they have yet, but let’s say they do. Well he needs a new deal and he needs to get to wherever he’s going to do a physical before the draft, because what if something terrible happens and it doesn’t go through, then what happens to whatever pick it is?

“It’s extremely complicated, the clock is ticking, I just don’t get the sense that right now anything is happening or in the works.”

That’s the type of report that will make 49ers fans exhale. Wednesday has seen multiple reports that the Jets have made an offer for the wide receiver, one involving multiple first round picks.

Rapoport confirms they 49ers have had offers, but that they haven’t been interested enough in any of them to be close to pulling the trigger.

“It doesn’t seem like the 49ers have made moves toward any deal. They’ve had interest, they’ve had offers. The offers have been exactly what you’d imagine them to be. What’s interesting here is we kind of know the price. Because if you look at all the picks that Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams were traded for, it was around the value of the 13th overall pick. That’s the kind of basic value when you put all the picks together. Similar situation, similar position, same money, that’s probably what it should be. So the 49ers will have options, I just don’t get the sense that they’ve made moves toward that.

“One thing about John Lynch, when he speaks, he says what he thinks almost always. When he gets to the podium and says he loves the player and doesn’t envision a deal, I think he means that.”

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