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Sam Amick says Ime Udoka had some colorful language directed at Draymond Green during Game 2

© Kyle Terada | 2022 Jun 2

It’s clear at this point that Draymond Green did an effective job getting under the Celtics’ skin in Game 2. But it wasn’t just the players who seemed to be annoyed with him.

After Celtics coach Ime Udoka recieved a technical foul in the third quarter for arguing about Green’s physical play, Udoka exchanged words with Green according to Sam Amick of The Athletic.

“If you saw when he got his tech, and I think it was Josh Tiven the official, he was definitely complaining about Draymond,” Amick said on KNBR. “If you watch the tape, he and Draymond have a little moment. I’m not a master lip reader but Ime called Draymond something that rhymes with ‘snitch’.”

The tape would appear to show just that, though it’s not clear from the video alone if he’s directing his comments to Green or the official.

Udoka also said after Game 2 that if he were playing against Green, he would’ve gotten two technical fouls real quick.

“With the Celtics you can see the mind games Draymond is playing, not only with their players,” Amick continued on Tolbert & Copes. “One of my favorite things to watch right now is the body language between Draymond and Ime Udoka.

“Ime runs hot. He doesn’t scream that much, but he’s a dude. So that gamesmanship, and the degree to which Draymond is for lack of a better way of putting it, pissing off the Celtics right now is to me must see TV.”

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