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Kendrick Perkins expects ‘absolutely nothing’ out of Stephen Curry in Game 6



Kendrick Perkins is really giving Charles Barkley a run as the Warriors’ biggest rival in sports media.

Perk was at it again before Game 6 of the NBA Finals, seemingly trying to talk a Stephen Curry dud into existence.

“Absolutely nothing, okay?” Perk said on ESPN when asked what he expects from Curry in Game 6. “And let me explain to you why. He’s coming into the Garden, he’s coming into a hostile environment. I know he dropped 43 in Game 4 I believe it was but it’s not happening tonight, okay?

“Listen, the Boston Celtics are going to come out with a lot of pride. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are going to be on fire. I don’t even expect this game to be close. Boston is gonna win this game in great fashion because listen, you think you were mad when Kyrie Irving stomped on Lucky, just imagine if he’s getting drowned in champagne. That is something you do not want.

“Boston is winning, Steph Curry has no effect. I don’t expect nothing out of Steph.”

Apparently, Perk believe’s Steph is going to have a bad game because the Celtics need to win. Maybe the logic isn’t exactly airtight, but Perk is on television to entertain.

For the record though, the last time Curry didn’t make a 3-pointer in a game — which happened in the Warriors Game 5 victory — he came out the next night and broke the NBA record for 3-pointers in a game with 13.

Will be interesting to hear what Perk has to on the local Boston affiliate if Curry puts together a similar performance in Game 6.