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Draymond Green takes shots at Jaylen Brown, Dave Portnoy after winning 4th title



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Draymond Green warned everyone. He said, “Don’t let us win.”

Well, Green just won his fourth championship. And if you expected anything less than him letting everyone hear it, well, you must not be familiar with Draymond Green.

As he said on his podcast, “Y’all fucked up and let us win a championship.”

Throughout the night and into the morning, Green proceeded to talk his shit.

He took to Twitter, quoting Jaylen Brown:

Green also pointed out that his outfit, an all-black getup, featuring shades indoors, was for a funeral.

But perhaps the most enjoyable barb was to Barstool Sports founder and resident garbage person, Dave Portnoy.

Green called him a “sucka.”

You might remember Portnoy from various performances like, looking sad while also looking bad, and being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. He did not have a good time watching this series.

Especially with a parade coming up on Monday, you can expect Green will not be toning down the post-title trash talk any time soon.