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Klay Thompson puts together hilarious performance during Warriors parade



Klay Thompson has a knack for being consistently entertaining when he’s not trying to, but the four-time champion took things to another level at the Warriors Championship Parade on Monday in San Francisco.

Thompson started going viral even before he made his way onto land, when he lost his championship hat on the boat ride over.

After arriving, Klay had replaced his championship hat with a captain’s hat, and was given the mic during the pre-parade ceremony to say a few words. He began by roasting Draymond Green for his “Thank you and f**k everybody else,” comment, before making Green and Stephen Curry absolutely erupt when recounting how the chef gave him a standing ovation at breakfast earlier in the day.

Once the parade began, all bets were off. First there was Klay drinking Hennessy Cognac out of the bottle after exclaiming “Hennything is possible!”

Then Klay got off the float, and proceeded to trip and accidentally knock over a fan. Klay helped her up and she seemed okay.

Then he had another snafu, dropping one of his championship rings on the ground before finding it.

Finally, Klay decided to show off his dance moves, setting down the Larry O’Brien trophy to do a Michael Jackson impression in front of the adoring fans.

Klay has set the bar pretty high, but his performance on Monday may never be topped.