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Kapler says he talked with Doval after ninth inning glove throw: ‘He’s not going to have that happen again’



Camilo Doval gave up a two-run homer in his ninth inning appearance on Tuesday, one day after giving up a walk-off hit in the same inning.

So when Doval got what he thought was the final out of the game on Tuesday on a Travis d’Arnaud pop fly, he let out some emotion, taking his glove off and throwing it onto the ground.

While that’s something you don’t typically see in the major leagues, Doval also miscalculated the amount of outs, meaning his outburst took place with at least one batter still to face.

At least that’s what his manager Gabe Kapler said after the game when he spoke to reporters. Kapler was charitable when talking about his young pitcher while also making it clear that he told Doval his actions weren’t appropriate.

“We talked about it after the game,” Kapler said. “I think he thought there was three outs…it was a lot happening for him over the last couple days. He’s a young pitcher who’s finding his way and there was a lot of frustration built up and I feel like that was the moment it just kind of spilled out.

“We talked about it. He’s not going to have that happen again. He’s a guy that’s still developing, still growing, still learning himself and learning the league and he understands that wasn’t his best look and he’s going to get better.”

At just 23 years old, Doval is one of the best young relievers in the game with absolutely electric stuff. Learning how to channel his emotions when he hits a rough patch will be the next step for him.