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Kendrick Perkins deletes response after more ‘disrespect’ from Draymond Green



If you thought the offseason would provide a reason for the Draymond Green-Kendrick Perkins beef to die down, you were mistaken.

Green threw fuel onto the already burning fire when he released the latest episode of his podcast and took aim at members of the media, especially Perkins. He criticized Perkins for what Green perceived as similarities between him and Skip Bayless.

“Kendrick Perkins, you act like this clown, and it’s baffling to me. He could never be you. You know why he could never be you? Because he’s never done it. You go up there acting like him. You don’t have to do that buddy. You played! You did it! Go talk about it. Or can you not?

“I’d hope that you can. With all these hot takes that you make, you should be able to. You don’t have to act like that my man. You’ve gone from being enforcer to coon. How does that happen? At least you acted like an enforcer, I didn’t really ever take you for one.”

Green continued later, saying Perkins is, “an idiot and a moron and wasn’t really that good of a player.”

Perkins was none too pleased with Green’s comments, posting a now-deleted, two-minute video to Twitter responding to Green.

As is the case with all things on the internet, the video was captured by a Twitter user:

Here’s the full transcript of what he said:

Hey Draymond, you good? The fuck wrong with you? Didn’t you just win your fourth championship? What the fuck you worried about me for? What, you mad? You mad because I’m doing it my way and it’s happened to work?

I’m doing it my way. I ain’t gotta do it your way. I’m doing it my way. Forget the old media, forget the new media. I’m gonna stand by the old law, right? And the old law says, hey man, all that disrespect and all that hoe shit of calling somebody up a coon, man, you got me fucked up.

Ain’t nothing a coon about me. Ain’t no cooning, ain’t none of that. Straight up. And here’s the thing, right?

We all know, dawg, we all know you’re all bark and no bite. We know this. The NBA brothers know this. A lot of them that’s talking behind you, behind your back with the whispers, they know this, they know you not gone do nothing. This is proven. This is facts. We know that.

So one, stop with all the tough talk. You can talk about me as an ESPN analyst. You could talk about my takes. You could talk about everything you want to do. I don’t give a fuck about that.

But what you not gone do is, you not gonna go disrespect me and call me no motherfucking coon and I’m gonna stand on that. You talk about standing on something. I’m standing on that. That’s what I’m not gonna be [called], especially by you, when we all know you not gone do nothing.

You not gone do nothing. And we know that. It’s proven. We know that. We know you ain’t gone bust a grape in a fruit fight. We know you ain’t gonna pour milk on cereal. We know you ain’t gonna listen to it go snap, crackle, or pop. We know that.

But that cooning shit. Man, you got me fucked up. We could keep it entertainment. We could keep it ESPN, whatever you want to do. But we ain’t doing that coon shit homeboy. Real talk. Carry on.

Perkins posted the following tweet, explaining why he took the video down.

Perkins also posted the video on Instagram, where Green responded in the comments. So, too did Stephen Jackson, who said he stands with Perkins.

The beef is very much alive and unwell.