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Kyle Shanahan explains what caused issue with Trey Lance’s throwing mechanics last season



© Darren Yamashita | 2021 Oct 3

Ever since the 49ers drafted Trey Lance last season, there has been chatter that the young quarterback is having issues with his throwing mechanics. Specifically, the likes of Mike Silver and Colin Cowherd reported that such mechanics have led to an “arm fatigue” issue, something they claim the 49ers see as a legitimate concern.

On Wednesday morning, Kyle Shanahan joined KNBR and revealed that Trey Lance’s broken finger last season was worse than we thought, and lingered for the entire season, causing mechanical issues.

“I think what Trey had to go through was recovering from injuries in the offseason,” Shanahan told Murph and Mac. “He played with a broken finger that never healed last year, so he had to completely change his grip and do things differently, so that took time to rehab from that.

“He broke his finger in that last preseason game. It wasn’t a bad break, but it didn’t totally heal right to where you lose bending of it. When you’re going through a season and trying to keep up with everything you know it just started to change and have to adjust to it and it created a few issues towards the end of the year. That’s why it was fun to get his finger healthy and start working on that as soon as we got an offseason.”

Perhaps this would explain the issues with Lance last year, and why he reportedly would have to take days off from throwing.

Shanahan also says that it is not uncommon for quarterbacks to be consistently tweaking their throwing motion.

“Every single quarterback in the league needs to continue to work on them,” Shanahan said.

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