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Mary Kay Cabot explains how long Watson’s suspension would need to be for Browns-Garoppolo trade



© Cary Edmondson | 2019 Oct 7

No matter how the saga ends, it’s pretty clear at this point that Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be a member of the 49ers by the end of August. That’s when his contract becomes fully guaranteed, and considering the fact that Jimmy G hasn’t practiced with the team or been given a playbook, there is little doubt (barring injury) that he’ll be sticking around.

Veteran Browns reporter Mary Kay Cabot said last week that if Deshaun Watson’s suspension is extended, something that’s expected to happen after the NFL’s appeal, the Browns would be open to a trade for Garoppolo.

On Monday afternoon, Cabot went into more detail with Tolbert & Copes about what type of suspension it would take for the Browns to seriously take a look at Garoppolo.

“First let me say I think they are really committed to Jacoby Brissett,” Cabot said on KNBR. “I think they believe that he can get the job done and I don’t even know for sure if they did bring in Jimmy or consider bringing in Jimmy, if it would 100 percent be to be the No. 1 right away. If they found a way to bring him in at a reasonable price, perhaps there would be some sort of competition or whatever.

“I would say they would at least have to consider it for double digits. Twelve games, 14 games or something like that, they would have to give it some thought. I don’t think it’s front burner, but I think it’s a conversation that they would at least have to have.”

If that’s true, a trade for Garoppolo seems quite likely, assuming Watson’s suspension is ratified before Aug. 30. The NFL has reportedly lobbied for a season-long suspension, which is expected to be granted. The variable is how long Watson’s suspension remains in limbo in federal court, as the NFL Players Association will almost certainly sue if the original six game suspension is overturned.

If a deal isn’t reached by the end of August, Garoppolo will become a free agent, and could join any team looking to improve their QB room.

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