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Murph: Jimmy G to Cleveland, or does the interminable wait continue?

© Kyle Terada | 2019 Oct 7

Just wanted to take a minute to shout out Jimmy Garoppolo.

As Zaza Pachulia says in the sound drop we use on the Murph/Mac Show: “Where is he?”

The news on Thursday morning that Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson will be suspended 11 games immediately brought Jimmy G back into our lives — for a brief moment.

Would the suspension spur a trade? Would this drama, playing out since Jimmy’s now-legendary “It’s been a hell of a ride, guys; see ya” farewell after the NFC Championship, finally reach a resolution?


We had The Athletic’s Mike Sando on the show at the time the Watson news broke this morning and the veteran NFL writer immediately dismissed the idea of the Browns making a move. Sando’s immediate take: The Browns will try to go 6-5 with Jacoby Brissett, then make a playoff run with Watson upon his return.

The great Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area was our next guest. Presented with the Watson news, Matty asked: Why would the Browns part with a draft pick and take on that salary, when the 49ers will all but certainly cut Jimmy in 12 days (August 30 is the cut-down date), and you can get him on your own terms, and Brissett has been QB1 all camp long? 

By the way, Maiocco delivered this opinion live from Minneapolis, at the 49ers’ joint practices with the Vikings. By contrast, Jimmy G was not in Minneapolis. He stayed home, per a mutual agreement, I presume.

What a thing. The 49ers in Minnesota, and Jimmy G, twisting in the wind. 

Jimmy G, 31-14 as a starter with the 49ers. Jimmy G, 4-2 in the playoffs with the 49ers. Jimmy G, winner of road playoff wins at Dallas and Green Bay.

Jimmy G, August 18, 2022: just hangin’ out in the South Bay, maybe getting some Panda Express.

I’ve Jock Blogged about Jimmy G so many times, I’ve lost count. There was the Jimmy the Savior Era, the Jimmy’s ACL Era, the Jimmy Is A Winner Era, the Jimmy Couldn’t Win the Super Bowl Era, the Fighting Off the Jimmy Haters Era, the Kyle and John Trade For Jimmy’s Replacement Era, the Jimmy Is a Professional Gentleman And Teammate Era, the Jimmy Isn’t Going To Win A Super Bowl And Get Traded, Is He? Era, the “See Ya” Era, the Sudden Surgery Era and now, the Twist In the Wind Era.

Make no mistake, I’m excited for Trey Lance. He’s young, he’s mobile, he’s got a strong arm, he’s got tremendous potential and thrill factor. But I always liked Jimmy G, a lot. I wanted a happy landing for him. And in February, if you asked me, I fully expected Jimmy G to be traded by this point in time and to go let his charisma flow in some other lucky city. The shoulder surgery, obviously, changed everything. And now, here we are, with Jimmy’s last possible logical landing spot —Cleveland — come and gone, pretty much.

I mean, we’re not talking Seattle, are we? Come on, man.

A season-long suspension for Watson was probably Jimmy G’s last chance to get traded.

Now, it looks like he works out, lifts weights, throws on the side and waits for August 30. Where he lands now is anyone’s guess. He’ll have a say in it, as an unrestricted free agent. It won’t be a starting gig — unless something wild happens between now and August 30.

That’s the 49ers’ game plan now. Wait to see what happens. It’s a very Zen thing. It’s bizarre, and it’s sort of a kabuki theatre. On some level, it brings back the memory of Joe Montana having to watch the 1992 season play out on the sidelines, and the 49ers ultimately choosing to move on and trade him. It was the right move, given his health and age, but that’s not a pleasant memory.

Soon, Jimmy G will be gone. And then maybe one day I’ll Jock Biog about the Jimmy G Nostalgia Era.

For now, it’s goodbye to the Cleveland Thing. The wait continues.


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