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Shanahan responds to Jimmy Garoppolo lip reading video: ‘That clip to me is a joke’



Nothing is quite as tricky and open to interpretation like the art of lip reading. Unless you’re Jomboy, it’s often a real shot in the dark.

But after the 49ers’ loss to the Broncos, a close-up clip of a frustrated Jimmy Garoppolo made the rounds on Twitter. There were myriad guesses, with some suggesting he was saying something along hte lines of “these plays suck, man,” but with multiple other viable alternative suggested.

The clip is above, with some joking suggestions from The Athletic’s Matt Barrows.

Kyle Shanahan was asked about the clip on Thursday, laughing at the questions.

“Me and Jimmy are around each other every single day so there’s not any awkwardness from us or anything that’s come from each other,” Shanahan said. “I don’t know the clip you’re talking about. I got it on my notes before this press conference but I’m not a very good lip reader. I probably won’t watch it.”

He was asked again about the clip and whether there was frustration between him and Garoppolo.

Again, he laughed off the clip.

“There’s frustration with our whole team. First of all, that clip to me is a joke,” Shanahan said. “I can’t believe we’re talking about it. I’m pretty sure that’s not what he said.

But we were extremely frustrated the whole game. Any time you are doing well in the first half moving the ball and you get into the second half and you have three turnovers three of your drives. You have a safety on one and you don’t convert a third down, it’s real frustrating to get anything going.”

Barrows reported that Garoppolo said he did not know which clip he was talking about when asked, saying, “I say a lot of things.” He will address the media on Friday.