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Marc J. Spears names two players that are working behind the scenes to ‘bring Warriors back together’ [report]



The Warriors are in damage control mode, and two players in particular are reportedly working behind the scenes to mend fences after Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole in practice on Wednesday.

“I’m hearing two players in particular are really working behind the scenes to kind of bring this team back together and that’s Andre Iguodala and probably to the surprise to a lot of people, Kevon Looney,” NBA reporter Marc J. Spears said on ESPN Friday.

The flames have been fanned on this story after Friday morning’s publishing by TMZ of the leaked practice video, which showed Draymond’s right cross connecting with Jordan Poole’s face. Now there are questions as to whether the Warriors will extend Green’s punishment, which as of yesterday sounded like one missed practice.

“Iguodala is 38 years old, been in the league, this will be his 19th season,” Spears continued. “He’s basically the Udonis Haslem of this team. He’s publicly tweeted out about Draymond and to Poole showing support, but behind the scenes he’s working on bringing this team back together.

“For Looney, keep in mind Poole and Looney are both from Milwaukee, they are very, very close. I know Looney is a quiet guy but when he talks, people listen. I’m hearing behind the scenes Looney is really working to get everything straight with the Warriors as well.”

There are other players — like Stephen Curry — who are also likely working to manage the fallout of the drama.