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Draymond Green discusses Jordan Poole incident in bizarre self-produced documentary on TNT

The drama never ends with Draymond Green and the network known for it is taking advantage.

TNT aired a truly bizarre mini-documentary produced by Green called “The Countdown” before the NBA’s opening night on Tuesday, one that followed Draymond Green through training camp and touched on the incident with Jordan Poole in surreal fashion.

Speaking directly into the camera, Green explained how he still doesn’t know how much the video blew up, because he doesn’t pay attention to such things.

“Once I woke up to the video, I don’t know if the dynamic necessarily changed because you never really know people’s opinions right away,” Green said. “You give it some time for people to throw their opinion up, which, quite frankly, I don’t care about people’s opinion. And, to be totally honest with you, I never really knew how much it blew up because I don’t spend much time searching Instagram or looking through comments. I don’t read many tweets at all, so I was just home chilling with my children. If you want me to be honest with you, I still don’t know how much the world thinks it blew up.”

Then Green tries to spin the incident into a positive, explaining what he had to tell himself in order to get over the ordeal.

“I was told the world has been able to see one of your worst moments,” Green said. “Look at all the upside you have now. It’s a totally different way at looking at it … I can live with that.”

Trying to find the positive in such a negative incident is both practical and admirable, but there is some irony in Green turning punching his teammate into content just a week after saying publicly that he wanted to move on.

Something tells us Poole didn’t have his DVR record this one.


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