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Chiefs’ Frank Clark calls out 49ers for trash talk: ‘We’re still stepping on them two years later’



The San Francisco 49ers are now 0-3 vs. the Kansas City Chiefs in the Kyle Shanahan era.

Sunday’s loss was the least-brutal defeat of the three by default, considering the previous two were a Super Bowl loss and a Jimmy Garoppolo season-ender, respectively. But Sunday was still a rough one, a 44-23 blowout that saw SF’s dominant defense look anything but.

Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark was on the KC Super Bowl winning team, and used Sunday’s performance as ammunition to take a shot at the 49ers.

“We’re playing the 49ers in their area,” Clark said. “We just lost last week, so if we had any type of nuts we’re going to go out there and get the job done today, and that’s what happened. We beat their ass in their stadium. They talked all that shit and you see what happened. We’re still stepping on them two years later I think it is.”

To the victor go the spoils, or in this case the shit-talking, but it’s unclear what Clark is referring to when he says the 49ers “talked all that shit.” Maybe he’s talking about something that happened on the field, because SF was smart enough not to poke the Chiefs publicly before Sunday’s game.

Clark was good on Sunday, his 1.5 sacks more than the 49ers had as a team. If SF wants to get back at him and KC this year, it will have to be in the Super Bowl.