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Bruce Bochy reached out to Ron Wotus about Rangers coaching role



© Darren Yamashita | 2022 Apr 30

When Bruce Bochy took the Texas Rangers manager job, one immediate question was: who might he try to bring over from San Francisco?

He might want to reunite with players like Madison Bumgarner — whom Arizona is desperate to unload — or Brandon Belt. He might like familiarity on his coaching staff with lifers like Ron Wotus, Tim Flannery, or Dave Righetti.

One question got answered Monday on KNBR Tonight with F.P Santangelo: Wotus isn’t jumping shift. But not because Bochy didn’t ask.

“I talked to Boch obviously,” Wotus said. “I was honored that he reached out to me for his bench coach position. Obviously we worked together a long time and we remain close, as close as we’ve been — him being with the Giants in a special assistant role and me being the same. We’ve crossed paths a number of times and had a chance to spend time together.”

“The long and short of it is, as you well know, I just stepped away last year from being on the field to have a little more balance in my life. And it’s worked out well for me. As much as I would love to go to Texas and be a bench coach and help Boch win another World Series, my heart is in San Francisco. I’ve been with this organization my whole career, I’ve had the chance to leave a number of times, and I’ve always chosen to stay. I’m happy with my role, and I’m going to stay here in San Francisco and continue doing what I’m doing.”

So Wotus will remain in his current role as special assistant to baseball operations — one that he began last season. He’ll travel sparingly, work with prospects in the spring, help the big-league club in pregame and behind the scenes as a consultant. The setup allows Wotus, 61, to spend more time with his family.

When Wotus stepped down from full-time coaching in 2021, he did so as the longest tenured coach in Giants history. Before 2022, he’d worked for the Giants for 34 years.

Asked if he’d ever consider managing, Wotus said “absolutely, I’d think about it.”

“You never know,” Wotus said. “At this point in my life, I’m just taking it a year at a time. I wouldn’t shut all doors and say no, I would never go back. But at this point in time, I want to remain here in San Francisco and continue to do what I’m doing. Who knows what the future holds? I just don’t want to close any doors.”

The door appears shut for Flannery, another former Giants champion coach. As Wotus noted, Flannery broke the news on Twitter (with help from his adorable manager) that he won’t be returning to the dugout any time soon.

Although neither Wotus nor Flannery will be joining their former skipper with the Rangers, that doesn’t mean they won’t be rooting for him from afar.

“It is a lot of work, and I wish him well,” Wotus said of Bochy. “I know he’s going to put together a tremendous staff. We’re all so happy for Boch to get this opportunity.”

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