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Cowherd explains why 49ers’ trade for McCaffrey could be part of long-term play for Tom Brady



© Nathan Ray Seebeck | 2022 Nov 6

It’s the type of take that the term “galaxy brain” was created to define.

The 49ers’ trade for Christian McCaffrey was essentially an unprecedented move for the organization. Never before had the team made a midseason trade for a star of his caliber, in exchange for the lofty price of four draft picks.

But takesmith Colin Cowherd believes the nature of the trade might be even wilder than we think. Cowherd explained on his Fox Sports show this week that the acquisition of McCaffrey may be part of a larger plan to entice Tom Brady to the Bay after this season.

Remember, the 49ers had a chance to sign Brady after the 2019 season when the quarterback was widely reported to desire playing for his childhood team above all others. San Francisco kicked the tires, but ultimately decided to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo, whom they had given a lucrative contract extension and who quarterbacked the team to a Super Bowl.

Brady would sign with Tampa Bay and win the Super Bowl that season.

With Garoppolo sure to be gone next year (right???) and Trey Lance a massive question mark, could the 49ers look to make it work with Brady now that the 45-year-old seems disgruntled with the Buccaneers?

Cowherd thinks so. Here’s his explanation from Friday’s show, edited for brevity:

Has anybody considered when San Francisco went and got Christian McCaffrey — cause Kyle Shanahan said this week it looks like he’s been here for five years in the Bay Area — has anybody considered San Francisco made this for more than just now, they did it for Brady?

Tom Brady’s career, what does he like? Veteran pass catchers. He even liked Antonio Brown. Gronk. It takes Brady a long time to get comfortable with wide receivers, especially kids. San Francisco has Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk is still pretty young, but here’s what we know: Brady did it again this week. He went on his podcast complaining about Tampa not being buttoned up. He made a point to say it’s not about dropping passes. They are just not prepared, not buttoned up.

He said this three or four times, why? Cause it’s happening, it’s frustrating and it makes it easier to leave. If you complain to a company four or five times about one thing, left, and said ‘Well, I kept saying I was unhappy with it.’

McCaffrey, yes he helps now, but they are in a very weird quarterback spot in San Francisco. Brady’s getting older, his parents are getting older, they are around the Bay Area. You’ve got Trey Lance, no idea if he can play. Jimmy Garoppolo, you worry about his health, and you worry if he gets outplayed in big games against a Mahomes, an Allen, a Burrow, a Jalen Hurts.

I just think John Lynch knows Brady, Kyle Shanahan knows Brady and for the record, Kyle Shanahan faced Brady in a Super Bowl, do you remember that Super Bowl? Atlanta? Remember what Brady ate Atlanta alive doing? Throwing to James White, a running back. I think he had like 13 or 14 catches, a touchdown, over 100 yards. Shanahan sat and watched that for three and a half hours. He knows Brady and pass catching running backs are unstoppable.

Nobody makes a big decision for one reason. They gave up a lot of picks to an expensive running back with a lot of injuries. I think they did it for now, kind of feels like Shanahan had that in the corner, ‘Tommy would like this. Tommy would really like this.’