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Mike Florio discusses what is likely to happen with Charles Omenihu following domestic violence allegations



© Sergio Estrada | 2022 Dec 4

Shocking news dropped on Tuesday morning, when it was revealed that 49ers defensive end Charles Omenihu was arrested and booked in Santa Clara county jail on misdemeanor domestic violence charges. Omenihu is already out on bail and the 49ers haven’t commented on the issue beyond saying that they are “gathering further information.”

So, what does this mean for Omenihu and the 49ers going forward? NFL reporter Mike Florio joined Papa & Lund on Tuesday and broke down the situation and how the team is likely to approach the matter.

“I don’t think that precedent matters, I think these are things that are resolved and determined on case-by-case basis,” Florio said. “Remember they were very patient with Aldon Smith throughout some of his off-the-field issues, until they essentially drew a line in the sand then he crossed over it, then they moved on from him.

“It’s always a function of talent vs. complication. Excuses are made for the stars, examples are made of the scrubs. That’s the way it is at every level of every sport. The bottom line is, this guy had two sacks against the Seahawks in the wild-card game, they are trying to get to the Super Bowl and win it. There is enough vague quality to the reports, and it doesn’t sound shocking or troubling or something that would require immediate action by the team. Again, because it’s misdemeanor charges, the league would not put him on paid leave.”

The Aldon Smith incidents happened under Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke, during an era when the 49ers had a number of domestic violence incidents. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch haven’t had to deal with something like this since Ruben Foster’s multiple incidents in 2017.

Florio expects that Omenihu will play in the NFC championship game on Sunday.

“I think that this is something that should resolve — and I’m not saying should is the right thing, I’m saying should as a prediction — the 49ers have him play this weekend, especially if nothing else happens this week,” Florio said. “Assuming they meet with him and he’s candid and contrite and he doesn’t lie or act belligerent and storm out of the room.

“I think it should be okay, but it’s definitely not the kind of thing you need five days before your biggest game of the year.”

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