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Brock Purdy explains nature of injury to his throwing elbow



© Bill Streicher | 2023 Jan 29

The 49ers’ hopes in the NFC championship game ended when Brock Purdy left the game.

Purdy was knocked out in the first quarter on a strip sack via Haason Reddick, one that injured Purdy’s throwing elbow and rendered him unable to really throw for the remainder of Sunday.

“My arm felt like it stretched out,” Purdy said postgame. “Really a lot of shocks all over, from my elbow down to my wrist, front and back. Just pain really, all over.”

Purdy said at this time he doesn’t know the severity of the injury, but that he’s getting an MRI tomorrow to find out.

“I’m getting an MRI tomorrow,” Purdy said. “It is a little swollen in the forearm area and that’s all I know man. I’m still in pain, obviously.”

Purdy also confirmed he couldn’t throw the ball, which is something he told Kyle Shanahan before he had to take over for Josh Johnson, who himself was knocked out with a concussion.

“I’d been throwing after the hit occurred on the sideline, just to see where I was at,” Purdy said. “Even in those throws, it was painful. I couldn’t throw anything over 10 yards, five yards. That’s why we just had some screens, that was really our only option when I went back in.”