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Krukow explains why Rodón’s comparison of Giants vs. Yankees fans is ‘spot on’



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There was quite a bit of buzz about some comments from the now-Yankee Carlos Rodón. He signed a six-year, $162 million deal with New York this offseason and offered some thoughts on the fanbase he’s joining versus the one he just left.

His comments were interesting because they can be interpreted positively or negatively. Rodón said:

“Giants fans are invested, but not like in New York. Win or lose, you’re not going to get booed in San Francisco.”

On one hand, it could be taken as a shot that Giants fans don’t care as much about their team as the Yankees. Which, even if that is true, it might not be a bad thing given the toxicity of East Coast fans. His statement belies that, too, pointing to the fact that Yankees fans are notoriously critical of their own players. They booed Aaron Judge frequently in a record-breaking, 62 home run season.

Mike Krukow, who’s been around MLB for as long as anyone, joined KNBR on Tuesday and said he wasn’t surprised my Rodón’s comments, nor did he disagree with them.

“It is different —San Francisco — than the East Coast,” Krukow said. “I mean, Philadelphia, Boston, New York. I’ve always said that baseball — and I played in all three — I played in Chicago. I know how fans love their game, but they treat their team like their kids.

“And I’ve always said San Francisco treats their kids like their grandchildren.

“Well, the East Coast loves their teams like they love their God. It’s a different gig. And you do get booed. You don’t often get booed in San Francisco, but I don’t take offense to what Rodón said at all. I mean, he’s just stating the facts. It’s just the deal.”

Krukow also said he thought that the headlines made the comments sound more critical of Giants fans than what Rodón was actually trying to say.

He cited his time with him last year and what he believes is a firm appreciation for San Francisco.

“It wasn’t really inflammatory what Rodón said, but the headlines sure were,” Krukow said. “But Giants fan should not be offended as to what he said because he loves San Francisco. He loved the fans. And he has nothing but respect for them. But his observation is absolutely, 100 percent spot on. You don’t get booed in San Francisco like you get booed on the East Coast.”

Those comments will be sure to be brought up in just over a month’s time.

San Francisco’s first series of the season is in the Bronx, for a three-game slate against the Yankees.

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