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Larry Baer provides details on $9 beers being sold at Oracle Park this season



© Darren Yamashita | 2022 Sep 17

The days of drinking a beer with a single-digit price tag at Oracle Park seemed long gone until Friday morning.

That’s when Giants president and CEO Larry Baer announced on KNBR that the club will be selling $9 beers at Oracle Park this year. While a $9 beer might not sound like much of a deal, it’s quite a steal at a park where a 14-ounce domestic beer previously cost up to $14.

The $9 price point will apply to all domestic drafts at the Doggie Diner stands and in the 415 Club in the outfield. The decision to knock down the price began when Baer and KNBR host Brian Murphy were playing golf last year.

“Murph is like ‘Ya know, we gotta do something about the beer prices and ya know, we gotta get it done for next year.’ And I said, ‘You’re right, we need to do something,’” Baer said on KNBR. “Now it’s not going to be every single beer, but we’ve really got to figure out a way to get beers into single digit territory. So that went on the shopping list for the offseason.”

Baer says the decision to knock prices down is a thank you to the fans who sold out every game for 17 of the ballpark’s first 23 seasons.

“The fans have been amazing and it’s just a gesture to the fans,” Baer concluded.

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