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Jon Miller rips ‘bush league’ Diamondbacks during spring training game



© Darren Yamashita | 2019 Apr 5

If you piss off the always jovial Jon Miller, you know you’ve done something wrong.

Miller ripped the Arizona Diamondbacks, specifically their public relations team, while calling a spring training game this weekend. Apparently the D-Backs did not provide the Hall of Fame broadcaster with any information about their split-squad team.

Miller wasn’t shy about letting everyone know about it.

“I have to guess the D-backs decided the heck with the big leagues, let’s just not be a big-league team for the split-squad [game],” Miller said. “…They have sent no public relations people over here, no information about who the manager is or anything at all about it. If they don’t want to be a big-league team, we’ll just treat them like a sandlot team.

“They gave us no information about anything. So, one of those guys in a red shirt is managing and one of their right-handers is on the mound.”

Miller finished the inning with a haymaker after calling the final out.

“See I even have names. I did a little homework on what little we have, which is nothing whatsoever for the bush league D-Backs.”

Before each broadcast, teams are expected to provide information about their players and squads to the announcers. After this tongue-lashing from one of the game’s greats, we doubt the D-Backs will forget to do it again, even if Miller apologized for his comments on Sunday.