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Anthony Rendon tries to slap A’s fan during postgame altercation



Video surfaced on Friday showing Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon getting physical with an A’s fan after the Angels 2-1 Opening Day loss in Oakland.

Rendon, who was making his way out of the stadium and into the clubhouse, grabbed a fan by his shirt through the fence after he believed the fan insulted him.

“You called me a bitch, huh?” Rendon can be heard saying in the video.

When the guy responded that he did not, the baseball player added, “Yeah, you did. Yeah, you did. Yeah, motherf*****.”

Then Rendon attempted to slap the fan, but missed, after he let go of his shirt.

“Get your bitch ass outta here,” Rendon said as he walked away.

It was a frustrating night on the field for Rendon who went 0-for-3, striking out twice.