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Draymond Green rips new CBA rules aimed at curbing Warriors’ spending



© Petre Thomas | 2023 Mar 18

The NBA is trying to limit the types of wild spending the Warriors have done in recent years, and Draymond Green isn’t happy about it.

The Golden State forward took to Twitter on Saturday to voice his displeasure about Adrian Wojnarowski’s report that the NBA is is implementing a second salary cap apron — $17.5 million over the tax line — and those teams will no longer have access to the taxpayer mid-level in free agency. The Warriors used the mid-level exception to sign Donte DiVincenzo last offseason.

“Players lose again…Smh!” Green wrote on Twitter. “Middle and Lower spectrum teams don’t spend because they don’t want to. They want to lose. So increase their spending capabilities, just to increase them. They continue to cut out the middle. And this is what we rushed into a deal for? Smdh! Never fails”

The new rule could affect Green’s future. With the player option in this contract coming up as well as new extensions for Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins set to kick in, the Warriors would probably be forced to fill their roster with veteran minimum players if they elect to bring all three back.

But it wasn’t just the new spending rules that Green had an issue with. He also ripped the payouts for the new mid-season tournament and the weakness of the Players Association as a whole.